a wide range
of advanced systems

Our Incinerator systems
can be classified according
to the waste fluid type:

  • Incinerator for waste gas flow only
  • Incinerator for waste liquid flow only
  • Combined Incinerator for waste gas
    and liquid flow


Incinerator is a device, with average
flow rate up to 50.000 kg/h,
either natural or forced draft,
which uses combustion to convert waste
to a less-bulky, less-toxic
or less-noxious material.
Thermoengineering is specialized
in the design of incinerators
for liquid or gaseous waste,
both for chemical and petrochemical fields,
with or without heat recovery.

Each particular type of incinerator is equipped with one or more dedicated burners, designed by Thermoengineering to suit the specific application:

  • Natural Draft Burner
  • Forced Draft Burner
  • Low NOx Burner

The most used burner type is a forced draft type which ensures better functionality and minimum NOx emission.


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