Elevated Flares

we provide a wide range
of advanced Flare Systems

Our advanced systems can be classified
according to their structural support:

  • Self-Supporting
  • Guy wired
  • Derrick Guy wired
  • Derrick

The height of Flare Systems
is determined according to
the limit imposed on ground
radiation when the system
is in operation: the lower
the imposed ground radiation
value, the higher the flare
system at a given
mass flow rate.


Self-supporting Flare Systems
are selected when the flare height is lower than 50 meters.
This solution is economical, easy to erect and requires relatively less installation space.

Guy-wired Flare Systems
are designed for applications in which the flare height is up to 150 meters.
Investment for guy-wired flare systems is generally lower than the other types of structural support; however, their installation requires a wider area.

Derrick structure
  (demountable type if requested) can be the optimum solution for Flare Systems installed inside plants, when higher elevation is required to limit ground radiation and available area is limited as a result of other present equipment.
The height of this type of flare can be even more than 200 meters.

Derrick Guy-wired structure
can be a good technical-commercial compromise for installation of flare packages very high in case of large clearance around the area and the need of a derrick structure to support the risers systems.
The height of this type of flare can be even more than 200 meters.


Flare tips are available in various solutions, both in smokeless and nonsmokeless operations.
Flare Tips main characteristics are:

  • Manufactured with high temperature resistant materials
  • Equipped with high-efficiency ignition and flame detection devices
  • Equipped with a special flame retention ring suitable to assure the stability of the flame at high gas exit speed (up to 1 mach)
  • Equipped with a connection flange for easy substitution


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